Snap-On Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry



Snap-On Smile is a revolutionary dental appliance that will dramatically change your appearance. Made from durable resin, Snap-On Smile works as both a temporary cosmetic solution and a long-term smile enhancement. Non-invasive, quick, affordable, and stain-proof, Snap-On Smile is an attractive alternative to veneers. It also works well for patients who aren't ready to commit to permanent cosmetic dental work.




Your cosmetic makeover with Snap-On Smile begins with a consultation appointment at Dr. Mahmood's Houston dental office. During your appointment, she'll assess your needs and talk to you about the results you'd like to see. Your Snap-On Smile trays will be custom-made for you to correct gaps, misalignment, and stains, or even to fill in missing teeth in your smile. But in addition to helping patients who are looking for cosmetic help, Snap-On Smile can also help patients who aren't candidates for restorative services like fixed bridges or dental implants. It can even work as an alternative to partial dentures because it doesn’t cover the palate or have unsightly clasps.



After Dr. Mahmood has completed your oral exam and talked to you about your goals, she'll take an impression of your smile and help you select the right shade and style for your finished trays. A digital preview will show you and Dr. Mahmood what your results will look like, eliminating the guesswork to your treatment. The Snap-On Smile lab will use these impressions and your selections to design your customized trays.





Aside from the cosmetic benefits of Snap-On Smile, there are other benefits to consider. With Snap-On Smile, you don't have to remove your trays for eating or drinking (Yay!). They're durable enough for you to wear them all day long. They're also easy to clean and they won’t stain. Because they're made from resin, the results will look natural and be thin enough to feel comfortable.


At Progressive Dental Houston, you can look forward to expert care and extraordinary results. Call us to schedule a consultation, checkup, or second-opinion visit. Our office is located in Central Houston and serves patients from everywhere.

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