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Metal-Free Dentistry


Fillings, which are used to treat tooth decay, were once made from a mixture of different metals, including mercury. Now we can treat tooth decay with fillings that are completely free of any metals. Tooth-colored fillings are made of composite resin, which is a combination of plastic and glass. They can easily be shaded to blend in with your smile’s natural color, so no one ever has to know about your fillings.



What’s more, tooth-colored fillings don’t change shape over time, and they support the tooth’s natural structure in a way that metal fillings don’t. As a result, you can keep more of your natural smile and avoid the cracking that can come with metal fillings over time.

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Teeth lose strength when they develop fractures or have had extensive repair due to decay. This loss of strength can affect how your teeth function. A porcelain crown strengthens the tooth and preserves its remaining healthy part. This helps to prevent tooth loss or extraction.



Porcelain reflects light in a way similar to natural enamel, so the results are always discreet. Plus, with porcelain crowns, no one will be able to see a dark line at the gums, which can happen with crowns that use porcelain fused to metal.



Our Houston office also offers ceramic onlays. They are similar to crowns, except they don’t cover the entire tooth. Instead, onlays only cover about half the tooth. Then when the tooth has been completely cleared of all decay and debris, they are placed in the cavity, where they fit exactly.



Your onlay will be made from a porcelain that matches your teeth so closely that nobody will know you have a filling. During a consultation visit, our dentists will assess your needs and help you understand which of our metal-free options are right for you.

If you'd like to learn about other options we have, feel free to visit our Metal-Free Dentistry hub page or contact us directly!

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