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Why an Oral Piercing is Not a Good Idea

Nowadays, oral piercings are accepted by many as a form of individual expression. Any piercing to any part of the mouth, whether it's the tongue, cheek, or lips is known as an oral piercing. Like ear piercings, it uses metal jewelry that is available in various designs. For example, you can have a tiny barbell or a stud oral piercing. It may look cool but it does not come without any risks.

If you're thinking of getting an oral piercing, you may want to ask your Houston Dentist about it first to understand what could happen to your mouth if things go bad. Many are not aware of the potential risks of getting an oral piercing, one of which is infection. The mouth is filled with bacteria and when any part of the mouth is pierced, that instantly creates a wound that bacteria can easily enter.

Oral Piercings

Touching the jewelry in your mouth is another quick and easy way of developing an infection, which may lead to oral bacteria getting into the bloodstream and traveling to the heart. Serious bleeding can also happen during an oral piercing if the artist accidentally punctures a blood vessel. There could be incredible blood loss because the bleeding from such an injury would be hard to control.

Obviously, getting pierced is painful. That is part of its appeal. However, an extreme side effect would be that it can lead to breathing restrictions. Other risks that tell you to think twice about oral piercings include chipped teeth, gum injuries, problems with pronunciation, swallowing and chewing and even blood-borne disease transmission.

The safest bet against all these possible ugly side-effects of oral piercing is to avoid it altogether. But if you've just gotten an oral piercing, be sure to see Dr. Daniella Farias and the staff at Progressive Dental, your dentist in Houston, at the first sign of a problem and don't skip your routine checkups.

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