Patient Reviews



Our clients are obviously our number one priority here at Progressive Dental. So we get all the warm fuzzies when we hear what kind of impact that makes. Here's what a few of our patients have had to say about their experience.


"Ever since I was a kid I used to be so insecure with the way my gums looked now I feel so much more confident. I’m so in love with the results! I'm telling you I used to smile so awkwardly in all my photos growing up because I didn't want anyone to see my gums. My family would fuss at me for smiling like this in all my pics but little did they know I was so insecure about my smile because I was always picked on about it growing up. Although I learned to love my flaws overtime, I'm thankful I met Dr. Tasneem Mahmood who introduced me to gum bleaching and contouring. 8 year old Alex would be cheesing so hard right now!"


I have had halitosis pretty much my entire life and tried and failed with every remedy known out there to take care of the bad breath. I found this clinic on Google and I drove down from Louisiana for the halitosis treatment with Laser and the dry mouth therapy. I did not find any other dentist nearby me that offered this service. I waited till the end of my four weeks and four sessions to write this review. The treatment truly worked for me. I have significantly more saliva and I do not suffer with chronic bad breath anymore. I can finally stop being self-conscious and talk to my friends and family at ease. I will continue making the drive out here for follow-up treatments.


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