Dr. Daniella Farias



Daniella Farias, DDS

I am a Houston native and returned to my hometown to be close to my family and practice dentistry.  As a true Houstonian, my community has helped shaped me and I find it necessary to give back. Outside of my scrubs I enjoy cycling, discovering new restaurants, attending live concerts, and exploring the city with Mila, my labradoodle. 



Q + A 


"It is amazing to be able to transform smiles and help people achieve a sense of confidence through that smile. But what I love most is getting to witness how this confidence presents itself. I have seen patients gain employment, look and feel better, and lead healthier, happier lives. I also love educating patients and helping them understand the impact oral health has on our physical health, mental health, and quality of life."


"I had one patient complain that she had to visit her OB/GYN after and that she was dreading it. I said, “And you think this is up close and personal?” We both started laughing hysterically. I had never witnessed her express this emotion, as she was typically anxious at her visits, but she was finally able to relax. Sharing a good laugh is the best way to ease stress and helps us realize that we're all human after all."

  • University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston

    • Texas Doctor of Dental Surgery, D.D.S.

  • University of Houston 

    • Post-Baccalaureate, Pre-Dentistry

  • University of Miami

    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

    • Cum Laude

    • Major in International Finance and Marketing

  • Fellow of the World Clinical Laser Institute (WCLI)

  • Founding member and board member of the Houston Equality Dental Network (HEDN)

  • Vice President of the Houston Hispanic Dental Association (HHDA)

    • Served as Community Service chair for three years

    • Served as Secretary for one year

    • Participated in the Milagros Project, a community service project aimed to give one deserving individual a complete smile makeover. 

  • Additional affiliations: American Dental Association (ADA), Texas Dental Association (TDA), Greater Houston Dental Society (GHDS)


"When I’m not mastering my craft, you will find me singing along to almost any song. One thing I'm known for is knowing the lyrics to most songs. I love live music and feel like music is one of the best forms of expressionism. 

I also love traveling, exploring and immersing myself in other cultures. We all have different life experiences and can learn from one another. New experiences and interactions with new people is also what I love about my job."


People at the office like to joke and say that I am too meticulous but dentistry is a very meticulous profession! I am very aware of different dental materials and their interactions. Dentistry is very technique sensitive and is a science as much as it is an art.  My goal is to deliver the utmost care to all, and if this means being teased a bit, I am just fine with it.  I believe this is possible through mastering my craft but also through prevention and most importantly patient education. 


I am constantly staying on top of the newest modalities, taking continuing education and even reading the most cutting edge dental and medical research articles on my iPhone. Even my friends tell me, “You’re always looking at teeth!” 


I am also known as a laser “nerd”. Lasers are currently used in a variety of medical procedures to perform minimally invasive, pain-free surgeries. Why shouldn't we use this technology to deliver dentistry in a comfortable, precise, and caring way?"


"I genuinely care about all my patients and treat each one as family. I am sincere about wanting to provide everyone with the very best that I can give. 

Every individual has a story to tell that is unique to their background and life experiences. It is important for me to listen to each story in order to truly understand the needs, wants and desires of each person. For me, dentistry is not as simple as looking at an x-ray, performing a few tests on a tooth, and handing out a treatment plan. It is about understanding people, having compassion and using this compassion to treat others. 

Just as I care for each one of my patients as if they are family of my own, I am also honest with them in this manner. I always want to make sure that I present all options to them and always welcome questions. I feel that many people view dentistry in a negative light and I find it unfortunate to judge all dentists based on past negative experiences. I understand that I am providing someone with a health service that largely impacts multiple aspects of their well being. I’m not simply treating a tooth, I’m treating the person. I find this to be a privilege that requires trust."

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